When “High Speed” Is Actually a Slow Connection

A slow connection isn’t what your business needs. If you’re stuck with a big provider and bad service, you have options.

It’s a sad reality of business internet connectivity: big internet service providers (ISPs) aren’t always honest about the connection rates they sell you. What’s billed as high speed may actually end up being a slow connection if you’re not careful about provider selection. It’s important to know that the big ISPs aren’t the only options you have for connectivity, and you don’t have to stick with your mediocre internet connection and service forever.

A “Good Enough” Internet Connection Isn’t Actually Good Enough

Even when businesses realize their internet connection isn’t actually what they believed it would be, many stick with their provider because the service is “good enough.” Unfortunately, “good enough” isn’t actually good enough with the demands placed on modern business networks. A slow connection hinders employee productivity and creates frustration, which is not something most businesses want to trickle down to their customers. 

Is Your Connection What It Seems?

One thing businesses need to be aware of when signing on with a big ISP: if you’re not the only company operating out of your building, you may not be the only company using your internet connection. Many times, what’s sold as a dedicated internet connection is actually shared with other businesses in the same building. Network congestion from multiple businesses can turn your “high-speed” internet service into a slow connection. 

The Good News: You Don’t Need to Hang on to Your Slow Connection

While it’s easy to default to big-name ISPs for business internet connectivity, it’s important to shop around. If you’ve been struggling with a slow connection, or even a “decent” one, it’s time to move on. There is better, higher-quality, faster, and more reliable internet out there at a fair price that actually reflects the level of service you believe you are paying for. There’s no need to settle for internet speeds and prices that don’t give you what you require to keep your business seamlessly connected and growing.

LS Networks can provide you with the high-quality, high-speed fiber internet connection you need. We serve business, government, healthcare, education, and other enterprises in the Pacific Northwest with market-leading bandwidth and network connectivity that other carriers deploy only in metropolitan areas. We deliver ultra-fast and reliable internet connectivity from affordable, small business packages to 1 Gbps+, symmetrical, fiber tailored to your needs and your budget. Ready to ditch your slow connection? Contact LS Networks today.

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