Business Ethernet in Oregon & Washington

The Northwest’s Trusted Ethernet Ecosystem

LS Networks is proud to serve both rural and metro customers with the largest Ethernet network in the Pacific Northwest, offering dense coverage throughout Oregon, Washington and Northern California. We provide our customers with virtually limitless Ethernet configurations, so the same applications and data segregation used in your LAN is now available in your WAN infrastructure, allowing your network to operate as your business demands, not limited by the constraints of your network service provider. We provide services to Tier 1 IXC, ILEC, CLEC, wireless and independent cable operators. Our network is built first and foremost to carrier-grade specifications.

LS Networks Ethernet Features

High-Performance Layer-2 Wide Area Network (WAN)

Our WAN configurations provide site-to-site access, cloud applications, data center consolidation, video conferencing and disaster recovery, ensuring your network doesn’t interfere with your business operations.

Simplified Network Management

Our 24/7/365 network management enables immediate fault detection and monitoring to ensure your network always performs to your needs.

A Single Consistent Protocol With A variety Of Access Types

Our consistent protocol reaches you wherever you are, with performance over a mix of access types including Ethernet over fiber, Ethernet over copper and Ethernet over TDM, providing consistent network availability to all your business locations.

LS Networks Ethernet Operational Benefits

Reliable and Secure Performance

Our Ethernet services are provisioned over our own fiber backbone and MPLS core network, and are fully supported by SLAs, guaranteeing the highest standards of reliability.

Better Uptime For Business Applications

Quality of Service (QoS) technology prioritizes Metro and WAN traffic into queues, maximizing network efficiency during times of network congestion.

Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) Compliance

Scalable and reliable business-class Ethernet performs to rigid service level specifications and MEF industry standards.

Performance-Based Configurations

E-Line Service Type

(Point-to-Point EVC) replaces your traditional private line service and provides flexible, dedicated bandwidth at a lower cost between two points, supporting a single Ethernet connection.

E-LAN Service Type

(Multipoint to Multipoint EVC) supports multiple Ethernet connections and aggregated hub locations, giving you true flexibility and routing options. Featuring easy and cost-effective upgrades, this service allows you to easily configure your network and bandwidth to meet the day- to-day needs of your business. With LS Networks, expanding your WAN can happen in hours, not weeks.

E-Tree Service Type

(Rooted Multipoint EVC) provides site-to-site security directing remote traffic (leaf sites) to one or more select sites (root sites) for processing. This helps guarantee isolation between leaf sites preventing data from being directly shared without passing through a root site that could process traffic through a firewall. In the rural Northwest, this might mean small hospitals can share x-rays with large hospitals and their physicians seamlessly, quickly and securely. It might mean a small ISP can place an internet gateway router at a root site and distribute internet access to their customers. Regardless of your challenge, our network experts are prepared to engineer a configuration that yields performance and value.

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