Unified Communications in Oregon & Washington 

Introducing AspenUC

Unified Communications is not a single tool or product, but a collection of solutions that allows all of your technology to work together, for real-time collaboration. It leverages the power of all your devices, and your investment in them. AspenUC integrates Voice, Video Conferencing, IM, Email, Desktop and File Sharing, Team Status and much more. The results are big wins in enhanced collaboration, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, productivity, and the bottom line.

AspenUC Features

HD Voice Calling

Place and receive calls on your computer, desk phone, mobile phone, or tablet using your business phone number. Seamlessly move calls between devices.

Chat and SMS Messaging

When you can’t talk, send a quick chat or text message to stay connected no matter where you are. AspenUC also has built-in file transfer so you can instantly share your work.

Screen Sharing

With the AspenUC desktop app (PC & Mac), you’re just two clicks away from sharing your screen, no need to launch a separate web conferencing app.

Work from Anywhere

With the AspenUC app on your smartphone or tablet, your office is with you wherever you go. What’s more, you’ll keep your personal mobile number private when placing business calls.

HD Video Calling

Instantly launch a video conference with up to 15 people using the camera already on your device.

AspenMeeting Rooms

AspenMeeting is your own virtual meeting space where you and your team can meet at any time for a productive collaboration session.

Call and Message History

Missed a call or chat? No worries! AspenUC keeps your call history, chat history and voice mailbox together in one place.


AspenUC seamlessly integrates with many third-party applications and services to help streamline your business process.

Future-Proof Your Phone System

You need a business phone system that is reliable, has good call quality, and that provides you with all the call features a modern business requires. We’ve teamed with Yealink to provide next-generation phone systems at costs lower than traditional PBX systems. Upgrade your business phone system to a cloud VoIP system, and you’ll see five immediate benefits:

Grow rapidly and with modern business phone systems

Enterprise-level features, even for small businesses

Unified Communications for improved efficiency

Cost effectiveness and quick ROI

Better customer service

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