Together, A New Kind of Telecom Company

Founded in Oregon, we serve business, government, healthcare, education and other enterprises in the Northwest with market-leading bandwidth and network connectivity that other carriers deploy only in metropolitan areas. We’ve served the rural Northwest for over 15 years, and we continue to grow and evolve, continuously connecting new communities to superior broadband services and productivity tools. If you live and work in rural Oregon or Washington, please contact us, let’s grow together.



Faster, more reliable internet is the one thing you can source today to make your business more productive. We’ve built our network for the great Northwest with connectivity and services other carriers only deploy in metropolitan areas.



Unified Communications brings all your devices, and everything they do into one environment in real time. Now you can call, chat, video conference, start interactive online meetings from anywhere and more. 



LS Networks has the largest Ethernet network in the Pacific Northwest. Our dense coverage throughout urban and rural Oregon and Washington delivers rapid services deployment, reliable connectivity to the cloud, and scalable multi-point network bandwidth.



Link your bandwidth-intensive sites with custom fiber infrastructure. LS Networks can provide as much as 100 Gbps capacity and low-latency routes, all backed by our Service Level Agreement.

“Our vision is to connect rural communities to advanced technologies. Since the beginning, our priority has been to provide service before profit, often investing resources in the communities we serve without immediate financial returns. If you’re a mayor, city manager or other stakeholder in rural Oregon or Washington, I invite you to contact me directly with regard to connecting your community to our visionary network.”

Byron Cantrall

Byron Cantrall, President & CEO
LS Networks

Medford Radiology


The Medford Radiology Group oversees about 360,000 procedures per year, offering state-of-the-art radiological diagnostics, reports and consultation to patients and referring physicians in clinics and hospitals across Southern Oregon including Medford, Ashland, the Rogue Valley, Grants Pass, Bend and the Oregon Coast. Learn how the LS Networks engineering team collaboration with Medford Radiology Group to increase bandwidth, performance and security.

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