Our Purpose

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide rural communities with local service and fiber-based infrastructure that enables them to maintain and advance lifestyles that support family, growth, and sustainability. We strive to be the most trusted provider through our focus on quality, innovation, and investment in our communities.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted and preferred fiber network provider for businesses across our footprint that creates enhanced access and facilitates economic growth in and around the Pacific Northwest.

Our Core Values


Working together to achieve common goals


We encourage our employees to make decisions and take risks

Continuous Improvement

Personal and Business Development


Always the right thing, even if not the easiest path


Adapt to internal and external customer needs and changing environments


Open and honest communication in all directions


Say what you mean and fulfill your commitments


Enjoy what we do

ESG Vision & Commitments

LS Networks is pursuing the enhancement of telecommunications services through its service, relationships, and results. We measure our environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance and commit to continuous improvement and consideration of these initiatives in all company decisions.

Our Environmental Commitment

We focus on responsible resource allocation and construction activities by leveraging resources to their highest and best use, prioritizing efficient construction and design practices. We contribute to the global effort to reduce our emissions through the deployment of long-term, sustainable products in a diverse geography.

This practice enables access to high-speed fiber services that empower communities to reduce their own environmental footprint caused by commuting and travel requirements.

Our Social Commitment

We focus on enriching the lives of our employees and in the communities we serve by investing in our employees’ professional development and well being, hiring employees and vendors in local markets, and supporting causes and organizations that matter to the communities we serve.

Our actions promote engagement, creativity, and personal responsibility in our workforce, and a sense of trust and commitment in our vendor and customer relationships. We respect and champion our stakeholders and the communities in which we operate.

Our Governance Commitment

LS Networks is transparent, collaborative and aligned with our stakeholders. We foster a culture of trust, cross-departmental collaboration, and accountability.

Each supported by meaningful Board oversight, integrative strategies, and inclusive development of policies and processes. We embed ESG factors in all our decisions.

Our Commitment to Safety

At LS Networks, safety is a significant part of the way we operate as a company and fundamental to the way we live our lives. Our employees are equipped with proper education and understand their responsibility to follow current safety regulations and procedures. We strive to provide a work environment that promotes safety in our offices and out on the road.

We train our employees on the importance and necessity of safety procedures and regularly hold these training sessions to keep our procedures updated and within new regulations. All employees are held accountable for doing their work in a safe, timely manner.

We want our customers and team members to know that we are dedicated to safety in everything we do because it reflects back not only onto our business but also into our communities. We stand firm in our mission to bridge the digital and social inequality divide. The only way to do so effectively is by doing it with a strong commitment to safety.

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