For Fiber Internet, LS Networks Provides What Big-Name Carriers Can’t

fiber internet in the pacific northwest

If you’ve made the decision to transition to fiber internet, you’re already one step ahead of competitors who are sticking with their outdated cable connections. You may have found, though, that big fiber carriers are unresponsive and tough to work with – even during the sales process.

From the quality of our solution to our superior customer care, LS Networks gives our customers everything the big-name carriers can’t.

INSITU Enjoyed Rapid Delivery Times With Us

Washington-based INSITU chose our fiber over other major carriers because of our ability to deliver on our promises. “Some of the other carriers’ SLAs and delivery times are just too long,” said Christian McQuade, Sr. Network Engineer at INSITU. “Communication and projects with them would stagnate, whereas LS Networks stayed actively in touch.” Because of our responsive, agile service and high-quality solution, we were an easy choice for INSITU.

Robust Connectivity

We deliver ultra-fast, reliable fiber internet connectivity throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our robust network solutions help businesses and government agencies get more done – so you can better serve your customers and constituents. Our fiber opens the door to productivity tools that enable organizations to adapt to the new, largely virtual, business environment.

“LSN’s solution is more robust and technically current than other carriers,” added McQuade.

A Carrier the Pacific Northwest Can Trust

We’ve served the connectivity needs of Pacific Northwest communities for over 15 years. We’re trusted in the region as a reliable provider of quality fiber internet. We take pride in resolving questions and issues quickly – something big carriers aren’t known to do.

“It was really challenging to work with other providers that don’t put their money where their mouth is,” said McQuade. “With LS Networks, we don’t see excess bottlenecks, slowdowns, or outages. We get quality that adds up over time.”

For high-speed, reliable fiber backed by consistently prompt support, businesses choose LS Networks over big-name carriers. We’re not a “one size fits all” provider. We offer packages that are tailored to your needs and budget. If you’re ready to upgrade from your aging connectivity solution, contact LS Networks today.

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