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Connectivity That Will Keep You Ahead of the Curve

In today’s evolving business environment, a “good enough” internet connection just isn’t good enough. Your business needs the right internet connection to increase productivity and stay competitive.

Support changing business requirements with a lightning-fast symmetrical Fiber Internet service, with speeds up to 100 Gbps delivered on the network built for the Pacific Northwest.

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Why Fiber?

Fiber relies on light instead of electricity to transmit data. This enables much faster Internet connections capable of handling higher bandwidth.

With symmetrical fiber, internet speeds are equally fast whether downloading or uploading files. This is important for businesses while multiple people need to connect and transfer data simultaneously to the Internet.

Fiber connections provide over 1,000 times as much bandwidth as copper and can travel more than 100 times further as well.

Fiber-optic communication offers higher security than other connectivity options because it transmits data as pulses of light across thin strands of glass. Not only does this allow data to move at the speed of light, it makes data signals much harder for hackers to intercept.

Every year the amount of data we consume increases, as do bandwidth requirements. Investing in a modern fiber connection will allow your network to always meet your business demands because optical fiber has virtually limitless bandwidth and speed.

Does Your Internet Really Meet Your Needs?

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Why Fiber from LS Networks?

Not all fiber networks are created equally. Here’s what sets us apart:

Dedicated Connectivity

reserves bandwidth for your business, consistently performs, and avoids oversubscription.

99.99% Service

is backed by our service level agreement that guarantees network uptime and reliability.


supports your current and future bandwidth needs with a range of symmetrical speeds up to 100 Gbps.

Network Support

from our team of network experts to provide businesses with proactive 24/7 monitoring.

Custom Network Solutions

LS Networks offers customized, build-to-suit network solutions from in-house experts who build and maintain your network.

Resources to Keep You Up to Speed

Why fiber, why now, and why LS Networks? Get the answers you need today.

Fiber is the only connectivity choice for businesses that want to stay competitive. Discover the benefits in this blog.

Your business needs fiber now. Discover how it compares – and surpasses – other connectivity options in this infographic.

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