Redmond, Oregon, Needs Fiber Optic Internet Access

The city of Redmond is a picturesque slice of Central Oregon planted amid the High Desert. Though quaint and boasting small-town charm, Redmond is home to many businesses and is growing rapidly. Remond has seen steady, consistent, positive population growth since 1990. Within the last three years alone, population data shows an approximate 5.3% resident increase.

With the city’s rising population comes an increased demand for better internet access at higher speeds — especially for the businesses that support Redmond’s growth. Currently, the city’s internet infrastructure contains copper-based and cable connections, both of which are slower than the speeds available from fiber optic internet.

As Redmond continues to grow, it is becoming clear that its current internet connections are simply not providing enough bandwidth to meet consumer demand. LS Networks is on a mission to change that by bringing business fiber internet to Redmond.

Benefits of Fiber Optic Internet for Businesses in Redmond

Fiber optic internet can achieve much faster connection speeds and data transfer rates than traditional broadband, making it an ideal choice for companies in Redmond, OR. Local organizations will enjoy not only faster connectivity but also enhanced information security and connection reliability when they switch to fiber.

Increased Download and Upload Speeds

Fiber optic internet is currently the fastest internet connectivity option in the nation. Companies in Redmond can experience upload and download speeds of up to 10Gbps. This rapid speed ensures their internet connection will meet robust business demands, whether it be transferring large files quickly or keeping a POS system online 24/7.

Our post How Fast Is Fiber Optic Internet goes in-depth and provides practical examples that reveal just how fast fiber really is.

Enhanced Security

Fiber optic networks are highly secure, as they encrypt data as it moves from one endpoint to another. Businesses who switch to fiber will feel at ease knowing their data is transferring along a safer connection, minimizing the likelihood of an information breach during transfer.

More Reliable Connectivity

Fiber is buried deep underground. This makes it more reliable than copper-based connections, as it is not susceptible to interference from external sources. The level of reliability that only fiber offers is an especially important factor for businesses in Redmond that rely heavily on their internet connection.

Faster Business Applications

Fiber also has the potential to enhance e-commerce applications and other business-critical applications. This is because fiber optic internet connections can transfer more data faster than traditional copper-based connections.

From a customer-facing angle, businesses connected via fiber can offer their customers a more responsive online experience, improving customer satisfaction as a result.

LS Networks Brings Fiber to Redmond, Oregon

Fiber optic internet is essential to foster business growth in Redmond, Oregon. It provides incredible connectivity speeds and reliability, along with enabling better data security and faster business applications.

LS Networks is facilitating continued economic growth in Redmond by providing lightning-fast, superior fiber Internet services to the business community.

Connect your business at lightspeed today and experience what it’s like to have better, faster, reliable internet fueling your daily operations. Contact us to request a consultation.

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