Why Fiber?

Fiber is the only connectivity option for businesses that care about their future success.

Now more than ever, businesses are focused on preparing themselves for the future. A major piece of this is the method of connectivity you choose. Cable may have been sufficient in the past, but it’s no longer good enough in 2020 and beyond. Fiber is the fastest, most reliable option for forward-thinking businesses. While only about 25% of the U.S. population currently has access to fiber, LS Networks is working hard to expand fiber access across the Pacific Northwest. If you’re serious about keeping your business running for the long term, it’s time to get serious about fiber.

To Stay Competitive, Fiber Is the Only Connectivity Option

If you’re still connecting your business to the internet the same way you have been for the last several years, you may be experiencing the hidden costs of poor business internet connectivity. It’s time to upgrade your network. Fiber is the clear choice for businesses looking to become more productive and profitable with ultra-fast, reliable internet connectivity.

Fiber gives you:

  • High reliability. Because fiber uses light for transmission, it is not vulnerable to the electromagnetic frequencies associated with things like high-power lines and lightning. It’s far more reliable than copper, which uses electrical signals and is susceptible to bad conditions that can slow down or even destroy data being transmitted.
  • Low latency. Fiber supports huge amounts of bandwidth, thus minimizing latency. Low latency is key for businesses that rely heavily on video conferencing and any other tools that require large amounts of bandwidth. Traditional cable internet often comes with latency issues, resulting in frustrated employees and decreased productivity.
  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds. Cable internet gives you assymetrical upload and download speeds – which means your upload speeds will be far slower than your download speeds. Fiber, by nature, is symmetrical, giving your employees the ability to do their jobs efficiently and without interruption – whether they’re putting files up on the cloud or downloading them.
  • Improved access to the cloud. To seamlessly access latency-sensitive applications like voice in the cloud, a fast and reliable connection is imperative. The more applications and data you move to the cloud, the more essential symmetrical fiber bandwidth is to your business.

If you don’t have fiber, you’re letting your competitors gain an advantage. LS Networks’ approach to fiber is different from other providers: we go all the way from design through construction and maintenance of your fiber network. Now is the time to upgrade your network, get ahead of the competition, and prepare your business for the future. LSN is a one-stop-shop for the high-speed, reliable fiber internet you need right now. Contact us today to get started on the road to better productivity and profitability.

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