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Our Northwest network enables you to offer medical services to rural populations other communication providers can’t reach. In fact, LS Networks has served hospitals and healthcare clinics in Oregon for more than a decade and can help your healthcare organization meet the demand for secure networking. We’ll configure your secure, large-load capacity network to quickly and securely transfer patient files like EMRs and X-rays. And we can enhance collaboration, patient communication and organizational efficiency with new and powerful tools like AspenUC Unified Communications, telemedicine videoconferencing and much more.

AspenUC: Unified Communications for Healthcare

Unified Communications for Healthcare is not a single tool or product, but a collection of solutions that allows all of your technology to work together, for real-time collaboration. It’s a multiplier that leverages the power of all your devices, and your investment in them. AspenUC integrates Voice, Video Conferencing, IM, Email, Desktop and File Sharing, Team Status and much more. Ask your sales representative about AspenUC for Healthcare, and our exciting new partnerships that will bring collaboration into the real time, and more efficiently serve your clients.

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Protect And Access Mission Critical Patient Data

Your office maintains a vast amount of personal information for your patients, data that must be protected. If not, serious fines and a damaged reputation could result. Your users are constantly on the move. Whether it’s within a hospital or among several offices, they’re never in one place for long. However, restrictions on the use of mobile phones in many healthcare facilities can make it difficult to track them down. In the event of an emergency, it’s critical that your practice continues to operate. Very likely, patients will need to reach you urgently.

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Our vision is to connect rural communities to advanced technologies. If you’re a stakeholder in a Healthcare organization with operations in rural Oregon or Washington, I invite you to contact me directly with regard to connecting your enterprise to our visionary network. Our mission is to provide rural communities with local service and fiber based infrastructure that enables them to maintain and advance lifestyles that support family, growth, sustainability AND health. Please let me know if you have a healthcare communications challenge we can help solve.

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