Medford Radiology Group Case Study

Medford Radiology

The Medford Radiology Group oversees about 360,000 procedures per year, offering state-of-the-art radiological diagnostics, reports and consultation to patients and referring physicians in clinics and hospitals across Southern Oregon including Medford, Ashland, the Rogue Valley, Grants Pass, Bend and the Oregon Coast. Medford Radiology Group had two main concerns: that their previous network didn’t provide the mechanics to ensure the Group’s data was private and complied with HIPPA laws, and not enough bandwidth to accommodate their increased data transmission needs. In 2015, the LS Networks engineering team collaborated with The Medford Radiology Group on the design of a custom-built, high-capacity network, increasing the organization’s network bandwidth, performance and security capabilities.

“Some of the big companies don’t offer any network specialization. They come in and say, ‘This is the offering. Thank you. See you later.’ It’s great to have a provider that understands the needs of our specific services.”

– BJ Hendricks, Director of IT at The Medford Radiology Group

The new networks offers numerous ways for hospitals and imaging centers to connect. They can use a direct connection from the custom private network or a public internet connection through their current provider, using secure VPN encryption technology. “We are excited to expand our mission of providing a better quality of life for rural communities,” said Bryan Adams, Director of Sales and Marketing at LS Networks. “Partnering with The Medford Radiology Group expands our mission footprint by helping them serve more communities and healthcare providers throughout the state of Oregon.”

Headquartered in Portland, Ore., LS Networks is committed to the community and is owned by a collective of rural electric cooperatives and a Native American business enterprise, including over 60,000 citizens and communities. We’re not about the money. We’re about the service to and for our customers.

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