Voice Services Simplified

Our Voice product is a SIP-based landline phone service available when bundled with our Ethernet broadband services. We've deliberately designed LS Networks Voice to be a rock-solid and well-featured service with simple, straightforward billing. It leverages all the benefits of our MPLS/VPLS network design, and its options allow for easy customer administration.

The LS Networks private network gives you reliability — it's that straightforward. Your calls “auto-prefer” our network so you have fewer dropped calls, better performance and predictable call paths. Voice performance is simply better overall when paired with LS Networks Ethernet.

The LS Network Advantage:

  • Save money by combining voice and data
  • Greater bandwidth utilization
  • Customizable access speeds from single T1 up to 10 Gbps Ethernet
  • Seamless voice and data communications
  • Free outbound long-distance calling
  • Consistent performance with Class-of-Service (CoS) controls
  • Web-based reporting via the LS Networks service management portal
  • First-call-resolution customer service

Benefits at a Glance

  • Centralized Call Delivery: Route calls originating from various locations to your preferred central location.
  • Branch Office IP PBX Extensions: Support all office locations with a single, centralized IP PBX at the location of your choice, with the option to build a private virtual network.
  • Private Network Reliability: Better performance, calls “auto-prefer” our network, fewer calls are dropped and there are predictable call paths.
  • Virtual Telephone Numbers (VTN): Support for both local and VTN so you can assign a number from anywhere to a phone outside of your calling area.

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