LS Networks Ready for 5G and Small Cell Rollout in the Northwest

LS Networks Ready for 5G and Small Cell Rollout in the Northwest

LS Networks is ready to meet 5G standards with cell tower connectivity unmatched in the Northwest. The telecom company builds, operates and owns a fiber-optic data and broadband services network that includes more than 500 towers across Oregon and Washington, making it the largest fiber-to-tower provider — including small-cell deployment — in rural communities in Northwest. The towers are located outside urban boundaries, offering superior connectivity to wireless carriers looking to reach rural markets.

“We are proud to serve towers in some of the most remote areas in the Northwest,” said Bryan Adams, Director of Sales and Marketing at LS Networks. “We see the industry moving towards the next generation of mobile networking — our existing high-count fiber optic network is ready to support 5G right out of the gate.”

LS Networks started its fiber-to-tower buildout initiative in 2012 with just 15 towers. Today the Oregon-based telecom provider now serves fiber access to more than 500 towers and plans to expand the network footprint across Northern California in late 2017. The expansion further secures the stronghold of LS Networks across the Northwest and comes just in time as major carriers like Verizon, AT&T and U.S. Cellular are testing and implementing new technology. 5G, expected to roll out in 2019, is the fifth generation and newest mobile wireless standard. The new technology offers speeds that are 10 to 100 times faster than current cellular data capabilities. These carriers rely on small cells to increase capacity and improve network performance, particularly in rural areas. Small cell deployment will be critical for carriers who are preparing for 5G filling in the gaps where towers may not be sufficient to meet bandwidth requirements.

“Our goal is to provide unbeatable value for carriers needing fiber connectivity in the Northwest,” Adams said. “We’ll continue to expand our network coverage as we build fiber to the tower and prepare the region for the next wave of 5G technology.”

About LS Networks

LS Networks is a privately held competitive local exchange and interexchange carrier, founded, based and headquartered in Portland, Oregon. LS Networks is committed to serving communities and businesses throughout the rural Northwest with the high-caliber equipment and network connectivity that other carriers typically deploy only in metropolitan areas. The company’s network is designed to deliver data and broadband IP services to any size institution, organization or campus in the Northwest.

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