ESDs Work to Close The Connectivity Gap with LS Networks

ESDs Work to Close The Connectivity Gap with LS Networks

An increasing number of Education Service Districts (ESDs) and School Districts have elected LS Networks for their data transmission and Internet services. The LS Networks purpose-built, data-and-broadband IP services network now supports over 60 school districts with approximately 300,000 students in Oregon and Washington. The local broadband provider is working to put Oregon and Washington ahead of the national broadband curve. More than 21 million students in U.S. K-12 public schools do not have access to reliable broadband, according to EducationSuperHighway, a nonprofit working to increase public school Internet access. Today, 23 percent of school districts do not have enough bandwidth to meet the current needs for digital learning, creating a “Connectivity Gap” that leaves millions of students behind, particularly children in rural and low-income communities.

“We are continually working with schools to design, build and deliver high-speed broadband networks for underserved schools and communities,” said Bryan Adams, Director of Sales and Marketing at LS Networks. “Our new product offerings and network services now allow many schools to access the Internet at bandwidths above 1Gb. Knowing that 300,000 students living outside of major cities like Seattle and Portland have access to the same learning tools and online curriculum is rewarding, but we also recognize both states have much work to be done to narrow the ‘Connectivity Gap.’ LS Networks maintains our commitment to work with state and local entities in closing that gap as efficiently as possible.”

LS Networks is a proud participant in the Federal E-Rate Program, a program through The Universal Service Administrative Company’s (USAC) Schools and Libraries which assists U.S. schools and libraries to obtain affordable Internet access and telecommunications services. USAC administers funds at the direction of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). LS Networks is the third largest funding recipient in the Pacific Northwest of the E-Rate Program.

“LS Networks is honored to be part of such an important educational initiative to increase broadband access,” said Michael Weidman, President and CEO of LS Networks. “Our partnership with local ESDs and their communities truly impacts each district, each school and each classroom responsible for enhancing student access to education. At LS Networks, we’re working to build stronger communities.”

About LS Networks

LS Networks is a privately held competitive local exchange and interexchange carrier, founded, based and headquartered in Portland, Oregon. LS Networks is committed to serving communities and businesses throughout the rural Northwest with the high-caliber equipment and network connectivity that other carriers typically deploy only in metropolitan areas. The company’s network is designed to deliver data and broadband IP services to any size institution, organization or campus in the Northwest.

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