Fiber Connectivity: Closing the Digital Divide During the Challenges Brought by COVID-19

Residents in the rural Pacific Northwest need fiber connectivity as COVID-19 has moved workplaces and classrooms into the home.

Rural communities, like those LS Networks serve in the Pacific Northwest, are accustomed to the challenges of the digital divide. Metropolitan areas typically have easy access to high-speed internet connectivity, and residents often see it as a utility like gas, electricity, or water. For many rural communities, the unfortunate reality is the opposite: for those with access to the internet, it’s usually slow, and, for some, there’s no internet at all. 

Organizations all over the globe – including educational institutions servicing students in K-12 through colleges and universities – are taking their operations virtual to stop the spread of COVID-19. The digital divide has become even more pronounced. College students who formerly had fast internet connections while on their campuses may now struggle to keep up with their peers as education has gone online. Rural residents who formerly commuted to cities with fast internet access may not have connectivity that meets their needs at home.

Despite internet access still being operable at libraries and other public places, this may not be accessible to local residents for long. As the situation in the United States rapidly evolves and non-essential public places/services shut down in an effort to maintain effective social distancing, residents of rural areas may be left without the ability to work or attend virtual classes.

At LS Networks, we firmly believe connectivity is a human right. While students and residents of rural communities grapple with the challenges of remote education and work, we’re working hard to ensure fiber connectivity is accessible – no matter where you are.

“Our vision is to connect rural communities to advanced technologies,” said Byron Cantrall, LS Networks’ CEO. “Since the beginning, our priority has been to provide service before profit, often investing resources in the communities we serve without immediate financial returns.” 

Residents of the rural Pacific Northwest do not need to struggle to participate in their education or jobs as COVID-19 has temporarily changed the global way of living. If you’re a government leader or stakeholder in rural Oregon or Washington, we are here to help you connect your community to our visionary network. We’ll make fiber connectivity readily available when your residents need it the most. Reach out to us today.

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