Continuous Flow and Swift Access

LS Networks provides fast and secure internet, and mission-critical ethernet connectivity to state and local governments throughout the Pacific Northwest. Government agencies need to provide employees and the public with reliable and secure internet access across multiple locations. From constituents who need access to government services and vital information, to organizations demanding access to important public data, information needs to be accessed seamlessly, swiftly and securely.  We have the knowledge and experience needed to drive your internet service internally and to communities across Oregon and Washington.

Simpler Design, Better Performance

LS Networks can connect your staff and citizens to the public internet, or you can connect your users and locations privately. This means more control for your organization. Enjoy less security vulnerability inside and outside your organization, as well as reliable, secure connections so your users can be more productive.

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Fewer Interruptions

Our network offers low latency and high reliability to ensure continuous workflow for staff and quicker access for citizens.

Access to Remote Data

The days of paper files are over. Agencies like health, housing and transportation still need access to important public documents, like dockets, court papers or online content. It’s imperative to have a strong, reliable network so these files can be accessed, whether it’s via telephony or ethernet.

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LS Networks Used In Partnership with Insitu to Fight Eagle Creek Fire

LS Networks’ high-speed, fiber optic data network was used by Insitu, a wholly owned Boeing subsidiary, to provide near real-time data to firefighters and first responders combating the Eagle Creek Fire in the Columbia River Gorge. Insitu, coordinating with the Oregon Department of Forestry and other governing entities, utilized LS Networks to successfully complete first-ever flights of state-of-the-art drones and software that provided a revolutionary new way to support firefighting efforts.

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