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Traditional telecommunications infrastructure in the rugged Pacific Northwest is notorious for having stranded spurs, causing single points of failure. This means limited scalability, heightened security issues and choke points along the network.

Wanting to reduce single points of failure, LS Networks built a reinforced network backbone that eliminates unprotected spurs wherever possible, creating the most secure and reliable network in the region. As a result, our network covers more geographic area than any of our competitors and boasts an unparalleled level of network path and switch protection — making us one of the leading suppliers to carriers throughout the Pacific Northwest region.

LS Networks has the largest metro Ethernet network in the Pacific Northwest, with dense coverage throughout urban and rural areas in Oregon and Washington.

While other carriers focus on their limited territories or solely on large metropolitan areas, LS Networks is the only metro Ethernet provider that embraces rural markets region-wide, bridging the telecommunications gap between urban and rural environments.

We provide services to Tier 1 IXC, ILEC, CLEC, wireless and independent cable operators. Our network is built first and foremost to carrier grade specifications.

LS Networks Ethernet Features

  • Ethernet Network-to-Network Interface with an on-net footprint in over 75 communities and passing over 90,000 business addresses in the Pacific Northwest
  • Layer-2 connectivity extension from a Local-Area-Network (LAN) to a distributed Wide-Area-Network (WAN)
  • Support for up to 100 Gbps of high-speed data, internet, voice and video applications
  • Ethernet Private IP point-to-point customization, allowing bypass of the internet to create a secure environment for sensitive data

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