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Light Speed Bandwidth From Carrier To Small Business

Organizations large and small in the Pacific Northwest rely on the structural integrity and reach of the LS Networks system to create customized, fast, secure and fail-safe networks. This includes hundreds of K-12 schools, colleges and universities, healthcare institutions, state and local government, carriers, broadcast companies and private businesses. We work with each customer to provide a network that meets their communication requirements, and we now offer productivity tools to help them realize their vision. It’s our goal to serve all customers, in both rural and urban communities, and to do it better than anyone else.

Reach, Reliability, Quality and Capacity

LS Networks serves national and international carriers, ISPs, data centers, governments, healthcare organizations and businesses with over 7,800 fiber miles, 70+ on-net Central Offices, and extended reach throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our solutions for wholesale providers include 10Gb, 100Gb and Spectrum DWDM Wavelength Services. Additionally, our network features Carrier Ethernet Layer 2 services and low latency express routes. We are, hands down, the go-to carrier-partner network in the Pacific Northwest.

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Network Highlights

LS Networks


LSN’s High-Count Fiber Network Ready For 5G

LS Networks is ready to meet 5G standards with cell tower connectivity unmatched in the Pacific Northwest. Our existing high-count fiber optic network is ready today to support 5G. We build, operate and own a carrier-preferred network that includes more than 500 towers across Oregon and Washington, making us the largest fiber-to-tower provider — including small-cell deployment — in rural communities in the Northwest. The towers are located outside urban boundaries, offering superior connectivity to wireless carriers looking to reach rural markets.

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