Our Name Is Our Commitment: LS Is Lightspeed Networks

A company’s purpose is its fundamental reason for existing beyond just making a profit. It’s a higher-level aspiration that reflects the company’s values, impact on society, and the larger contribution it aims to make to the world.

Following an organizational transformation, we seized a prime opportunity to delve deep into our brand’s purpose: why we exist, what we deliver, and how we can elevate our commitment to serving our customers.

Fueled by a Vision

At Lightspeed Networks, our story has always been about pushing the boundaries of connectivity since the very beginning. Our story began in 2005, founded by electric cooperatives and individuals in the Pacific Northwest who saw the need for equitable access to fiber optic broadband in rural communities.

Lightspeed Networks’ journey has been guided by an aspirational vision for connectivity with a dedicated focus on high-capacity, fiber-based infrastructure, and communications services. Since 2005, we have taken on the unfinished business of pioneers, and our commitment to helping communities prosper has been unwavering ever since.

Fueled by a Mission

“LS” is Lightspeed Networks. Our mission has always been to bridge the digital and social inequality divide with a vision to bring affordable fiber optic broadband to more rural and underserved communities than ever before.

As we continue to grow and expand our robust fiber optic network, we stay true to our roots, never forgetting our connection to those who came before us. We are not just another provider; we are pioneers on a mission to connect what’s next, empower lives, and drive progress. Recognizing this as the core of our company’s DNA, our purpose and “why” became clear.

Our Purpose: Connecting You to What Matters Most

At Lightspeed Networks, we understand the importance of staying connected in today’s digital landscape, and we are your trustworthy partner on this journey. Our innovative fiber technology opens the door to endless possibilities, delivering lightning-fast speeds and unwavering reliability.

But our commitment goes beyond connectivity; we believe in enriching lives and building stronger communities. Our purpose is why our customers choose us because we provide:

  • Lightspeed Connectivity: innovation that powers the fastest and most reliable connection to the entire digital ecosystem.
  • Integral Community Connection: deeply rooted in the growth and quality of life in the areas we serve.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: servicing our customers like family, with a goal to exceed their expectations at every turn.

Embrace a future of fiber internet connectivity that connects, empowers, and thrives. We continue to be the bridge that connects what’s next for rural and underserved communities in the Pacific Northwest. Join us, and together let’s bridge the gap and shape a brighter, faster tomorrow for all.

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