Greater Yakima Case Study
More than 850 local businesses belong to the Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce. The chamber promotes pride in diverse communities through positive, active leadership aimed at creating cohesive, successful businesses in Yakima County. Members benefit from the chamber’s marketing, networking and economic development work. Historically, the chamber operated internet services through an inconsistent phone line. It was normal to reset the router every week or need to walk away and grab lunch when the system needed to sync to Dropbox. Now, downtown Yakima has high-speed internet for the first time, offering reliable, secure connections. “Working with LS Networks helps us not only keep our costs down, but helps us further our mission to build successful businesses in Yakima County,” said Thane Phelan, Vice President of the Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce. “Our experience with LS Networks has been practically flawless — from a business relationship and internet delivery perspective. Believe me, it’s made a difference for our business and our community and we highly recommend working with them.”

“Our experience with LS Networks has been practically flawless — from a business relationship and internet delivery perspective.”

– Thane Phelan, Vice President, Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce

Phelan said he doesn’t remember the last time he reset his router, left his desk for a download or had to worry about connectivity for the website or social media he manages. Because of LS Networks, business is better. “We’re an advocate for the county and took an antiquated, 1990s-level system and created a better, purpose-built network that allows for greater functionality and stronger connections for the Yakima community,” said Bryan Adams, Director of Sales and Marketing for LS Networks.

Headquartered in Portland, Ore., LS Networks is committed to the community and is owned by a collective of rural electric cooperatives and a Native American business enterprise, including over 60,000 citizens and communities. We’re not about the money. We’re about the service to and for our customers.

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Dan Swanson, VP Marketing


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