Albany YMCA Case Study

Data and Voice Demands at Multiple Facilities Mandate Fiber Optic Connectivity

Public Purpose Infrastructure

With the expansion of two new facilities and the addition of multiple sports fields and a stadium, this community asset looked for, and found, a single source provider for unifying, ultra high capacity voice and data service.

The Challenge

“We had a number of issues with our Internet and our phone system before going with LS Networks,” according to Mid-Willamette Valley YMCA, CEO, Chris Reece.

“We frequently had dropped calls, slow Internet service and maddening down time. Because of the limitations of our previous service provider, we had to have three different modems in sep- arate locations; one for security cameras, one for public access and the after school program and one for internal operations. At the end of each month, we’d get three separate bills for Internet service.
We had a separate phone bill as well for 25 fixed phone lines and together it added up over time.”

As we looked to open our Athletic Performance Center, the Family Activity Center and a new, four- field sports complex we knew it was time to consolidate our voice and data with a single, reliable, high performance vendor.

“What really impressed me was LS Networks’ willingness to listen, to ask questions, to understand our immediate needs, and to anticipate future demands. This was a team effort, and they’ll be part of our team for the indefinite future.”
-Chris Reece, CEO, • Mid-Willamette Valley YMCA

The Action

LS Networks engineered and installed a hybrid fiber optic Internet and Ethernet Transport solution for the Mid-Willamette Valley YMCA’s three structures and their sports field complex.

  • Consolidated all data, voice and video into a single, powerful infra- structure across the entire campus.
  • Tailored bandwidth for the main facility, and for the Athletic Performance Center, the Family Activity Center and the new, four- field sports complex.
  • Eliminated traditional phone lines and replaced them with SIP Trunking (or VoIP) thus increasing call clarity and phone tree tasking, while lowing their phone bill.
  • Integrated a limited Ethernet Transport solution to reach one of the new, repurposed warehouses that was isolated by a major thoroughfare.
  • Ran fiber Internet to a terminus at the sports fields for a planned press box and spectator Wi-Fi access

Switching to a 100% fiber optic Internet solution solved our immediate communication issues, and it opened a whole new world of possibilities operationally, and in terms of community involvement.

Chris Reece, CEO, • Mid-Willamette Valley YMCA


Ultra High Capacity Fiber Optic Internet SIP Trunking (Voice + Data)
Ethernet Transport

The Mid-Willamette Valley YMCA is one of the largest youth and community health and fitness organizations in the region. The Mid-Willamette Family YMCA programs are designed to help build a stronger community by promoting the development of our youth, improving the health and wellbeing of the entire community, and fostering social responsibility. The Mid-Willamette Family YMCA in Albany is now completing its new artificial turf sports field complex thanks to millions of dollars of funding courtesy of the Oregon Legislature. The youth sports complex will include four new multi-use fields. The promise of sustainable funding means the YMCA can move forward with the opening of a new preschool facility, as well as ongoing renovations to nearby warehouses that will include new multipurpose rooms for additional classes. Visit the Mid-Willamette Valley YMCA at:

The Results

With fiber optic Internet linking the entire campus, three separate physical locations, a preschool program augmented by 10 com- puters and a fiber optic connection to the new sports complex, the Mid-Willamette Valley YMCA will enjoy both cost savings and superior Internet performance for years to come.


When factoring in increased download speeds, and vastly increased upload speeds the “Y” realized and aggregate increase of Internet performance by a factor of 20 times that of their previous Internet provider.


The integrated Internet and Ethernet Trans- port solutions provided by LS Networks al- lowed the “Y” to add 10 computers to the new After School Program facility while maintaining maximum performance across the entire complex. These new computers, and high speed connections points throughout the “Y” complex represent an increase of connectivity by a factor or four.


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LS Networks operates the largest locally owned and operated fiber-optic network in the Pacific Northwest, serving rural, urban, and underserved communities with high-speed connectivity and market-leading bandwidth that is transforming the regional telecommunications landscape for customers and partners. Our Mission is to bring fiber optic connections to underserved rural communities, helping to bridge the digital divide and social inequalities. Our Vision is to make fiber optic access more available to more communities throughout the Northwest, making it easier for them to live, work and play. We strive to be the most trusted provider through our focus on quality, innovation, and investment in our communities. LS Networks is a portfolio company of Instar Asset Management Inc. Visit Visit
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“We were somewhat surprised to learn that LS Networks owns and operates the largest Internet and Ethernet network in the Pacific Northwest. Equally impressive is their ability to tailor a fiber solution that fit our unique needs, to deliver on time, and to support us every step of the way.”

Ethan Hubler, Operations Director • Mid-Willamette Valley YMCA

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