With the broadest Oregon footprint of any competitive carrier, LSN is the chosen provider of carrier Ethernet and SONET services to state and local governments across Oregon. Among our statewide government customers are the State of Oregon and the Oregon Judicial Department

Due to our robust Dedicated Internet Access offering at competitive prices, LSN provides broadband internet service to local governments across Oregon, with recent expansion into the state of Washington. Our internet service includes at least three diverse upstream paths and robust peering connections to over 100 IPV6 and IPV4 peers.   


Our flexible telecommunications solutions for the government sector are engineered to meet customer specifications. Increasingly, governments require connections to each other to share applications, data and disaster recovery/business continuity needs. 

We provide a Layer-2 Metro Ethernet service over a variety of access technologies to connect government offices throughout their service area or with other government agencies. Our service supports data of all sorts, with video conferencing, voice, security, and the ability of the customer to control their own traffic. LSN also facilitates hosting and collocation in carrier-grade environments for those governments who choose not to host in their own facilities.   


Physical access solutions vary depending on customer needs and geography. Solutions include fiber, copper, wireless and bonded T1s. Bandwidth and product flexibility is available over each of these physical access types allowing your network to grow as your needs expand. 


LSN prides itself on achieving cost effective network solutions for budget constrained governments across Oregon and Washington. 

The following is a small sampling of government organizations that utilize LSN services: