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At the age of 12, I experienced a significant transition as my family moved from California to Washington. Despite feeling excited about embarking on a new journey, I quickly realized the true meaning of cold weather when I encountered snow for the first time. The change in scenery was dramatic, trading sandy beaches for flowing rivers and palm trees for towering pine trees. Washington presented a completely different world, from its cityscape to its people, and I knew I was entering a whole new lifestyle.
Unlike Los Angeles, which was already fully developed, I had the privilege of witnessing the growth of the Tri-Cities in Washington. Going from a densely populated city to a more suburban style of living was a big change, but I quickly adapted. Despite the Tri-Cities’ smaller population compared to California, its economic growth and fast-paced urban development are substantial. After living here for 16 years, I am proud to call the Tri-Cities my home, as it is becoming one of the best cities to live in within the state of Washington.
As a representative of Light-Speed Networks, it is my responsibility to provide you with the highest level of professionalism and quality service. Washington States’ development and progress have been remarkable, and I am committed to delivering the excellence that Light-Speed Networks can and will provide to our valued customers.

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