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Your customers need to stay connected and productive. They have no time for downtime or outages. LS Networks has the network, engineering team and experience to keep your customers online and satisfied. LS Networks was built to serve carriers, and specializes in custom-built network designs and offerings.


Leading services

We offer an extensive DWDM network throughout the Northwest, with express routes and nearly 60 add/drop locations throughout Washington, Oregon and Northern California.

For Layer 2 bandwidth requirements, LS Networks offers a fully meshed 80+ node MPLS backbone capable of providing up to 10Gb Layer 2 carrier ethernet connectivity. Our routes provide both physical and logical protection, and come with end-to-end service level agreements.


We have unique right-of-ways that allow for physical diversification from common Northwest fiber routes. Your customers enjoy a lower risk profile, links and circuit routes with LS Networks.

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We offer 24x7x365 customer support so you can be assured that your customers experience less downtime.

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