Internet Service Providers

The power for ISPs to connect.

Your customers demand reliable, real-time access to applications, video streaming and web content. Demands for increased bandwidth continue to grow, and so does your competition. LS Networks can increase your competitive advantage and service delivery options. We serve more than 40 regional ISPs throughout the Northwest and can design, build and operate a network that meets your specific business needs.


Reliable & Consistent

More bandwidth, lower latency and virtually no downtime, thanks to our unique mesh network design. Our network resiliency can deliver internet to you without the need for transport to each regional peering exchange, leasing of physical space or deployment and support of remote equipment.

Powerful Peering

We offer 100 Gbps connections to the region's largest peering POPs, including public and private peering at the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX) and the Northwest Internet Exchange (NWAX) and Equinix San Jose SV1/5.

Increase Revenue & Market Share

Our existing network has fiber constructed to more than 500 towers throughout the Northwest. Leverage this extensive network reach to expand the coverage in your existing service area or expand into new markets.

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