Higher Education

Broadband that supports the future.

Students across Northwest colleges pay for — and expect — the best in materials, education and technology, and that includes limitless broadband and robust access, day and night. While broadband and data usage can cause cost issues for many higher education institutions, you don’t need to enforce data limits on students. Whether it’s in the classroom or the dorm, LS Networks has solutions to control your costs while providing the bandwidth you need.


Controllable Bandwidth

Students using their own devices are increasing bandwidth demands. LS Networks helps institutions increase and control bandwidth by deploying access and ethernet Layer-2 platforms to transmit multiple data streams.

Better Streaming

Get faster access to streaming content, videoconferencing, online course offerings, Google documents, live-streaming sporting events and other heavy-use internet applications. In addition to offering symmetrical upload-download connections, LS Networks can help you control bandwidth creatively.

Education Knowledge

We bring extensive experience installing fiber across the Northwest for school districts, ESDs and higher education institutions. We understand budget cycles, funding opportunities and contract protocols, providing expertise and customer support for your network needs.

Dark Fiber

Many institutions are increasingly wanting to manage their own fiber. LS Networks offers the construction of dark fiber services and is the only service provider with a long-standing construction contract with major colleges, including the University of Oregon.

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