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It’s your business to heal. It’s our business to help you manage the data to do so. Beyond saving lives, just as important is storing and quickly moving large files of data offsite, complying with government regulations, providing web access for staff and patients, and ensuring your data is secure for HIPAA compliance.

Healthcare is changing. So is the technology that helps you serve your patients, such as telemedicine videoconferencing. LS Networks has served hospitals and healthcare clinics in Oregon for more than a decade and can help your healthcare organization meet the demand for secure networking.


Serve Rural Customers Better

Our Northwest network enables you to offer medical services to rural populations other communication providers can’t reach.

Security for HIPAA Compliance

When seconds matter, we offer high levels of security to let you transfer patient files like EMRs and X-rays quickly and securely. We’re HIPAA-compliant with large-load capacity to better protect and serve your patients.

Better Access to Partners

You need quick and secure communications with different offices and hospitals, labs and clinics. Our services help you connect and stay connected.

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