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You need a network to meet the demands of your business. More customers and employees need a service that’s not only agile but secure. We can provide the best custom solutions to meet growth and provide insight into how a network is used to give customers more control of applications and usage. Our reliability, agility, availability and consistent performance ensure your network performs as well as your business does.


Stay Connected

Minutes are crucial when you lose connectivity. The downside is immense: business disruption, lost revenue, employee and IT productivity, and even a tarnished reputation of your brand. Our unique network throughout the Northwest ensures that when one switch goes down, you stay connected with the highest-efficiency route available. No matter what major event happens in Portland that impacts the network — be it earthquake, equipment failure or major storm — your business in Le Grande, Yakima or anywhere on the LS Network, will remain online and running business-as-normal.

Access to a national and international network may sound appealing — but your business, your customers are here — and this is where you need your network to be, to keep you online and operating. Don’t pay for what you don’t need. Have access to the best network and reliable support with LS Networks.

Tailored for Businesses

Our network is a purpose-built data network specific for the communities across the Northwest. Our dedicated network allows us to monitor, measure and guarantee the highest service levels available. And with our business monitoring tools, you get the insight to explore and identify your bandwidth usage and how your network is being used — and respond accordingly.

Dedicated Customer Service

We offer real-time customer support. Our support staff is locally based, and our 24x7 call center is staffed with engineers who can answer technical and non-technical questions alike. We’re committed to providing superior customer service — any day, any time.

Our network is trusted and used by national providers. Our team is local and equipped to provide you the reliability and attention you deserve. You won’t be a tag number at LS Networks. Let us earn your trust.

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