Transforming Rural Communities

Community leaders are constantly challenged with balancing economic conditions, changing demographics, quality-of-life issues and bringing the best to their town without compromising culture or values. There are always improvements to be made within a community, and doing things the way they’ve always been done is no longer an option for most.

Our Vision

At LS Networks, our vision is to bring affordable fiber optic broadband and network availability to more rural communities than ever before. We partner with leaders to help them prepare – and win – grants that bring fiber internet connectivity to the community. This allows rural healthcare, education and government entities to operate at the same level of much larger cities. Further, it offers better opportunities for business leaders to grow sustainable, thriving organizations within the community.

Provide your town with: 

CompuNet, Inc.

Bridging The Digital Divide in Maupin, OR

In early 2019, LS Networks completed a $2 million project connecting Maupin, Oregon to LSN’s best-in-the-west fiber optic network. The project brings blinding ONE GIG speeds to Maupin’s 430 residents at prices unheard of nationally. “The new network in Maupin is proof that no town is too small or too remote to connect to cutting edge broadband,” said Governor Kate Brown. “It will allow businesses in Maupin to grow and add new jobs while helping the school, health care providers, and local government to provide quality services.

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Contact your LS Networks representative to find out how to partner on grant opportunities. And remember, you don’t have to be a big city, to embrace a big idea.

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