A “New Company” 80 Years In The Making

In the late 1930s and early 1940s, loan funds from the USDA Rural Electrification Administration enabled construction of rural electric cooperatives throughout the nation to serve the people and growing economies of rural America.

Where We Began

We owe our start 16 years ago to these rural businesses and individuals that saw an unmet need for internet connectivity in the Pacific Northwest. We have continued to grow ever since, providing top-tier broadband service to urban and rural communities alike. The core of our robust fiber optic network is laid over these electrical grid pathways. In a sense, we stand on the shoulders of pioneers, and we’re proud of our connection to those who pioneered before us.

Helping Communities Grow

LS Networks operates the largest fiber-optic network in the Pacific Northwest, serving rural, urban, and underserved communities with high-speed connectivity and market-leading bandwidth that is transforming the regional telecommunications landscape for customers and partners. Our Mission is to provide rural communities with local service and fiber-based infrastructure that enables them to maintain and advance lifestyles that support family, growth, and sustainability. We strive to be the most trusted provider through our focus on quality, innovation, and investment in our communities.

The Northwest’s Carrier Grade Network

LS Networks delivers essential digital reliability, quality and capacity to large and small commercial and individual customers to support business growth and sustainability. The Company’s carrier-grade network includes over 7,000 route miles of fiber and extended reach throughout the Pacific Northwest serving national and international carriers, ISPs, data centers, schools, governments, healthcare organizations and businesses. LS Networks also provides Ethernet and dark fiber transport to towers, with existing connectivity to more than 500 on-net towers, with near-net proximity to an additional 800 towers throughout the region.

A New Chapter Begins

In April of 2021, we started a new chapter in our Company. LS Networks was acquired by Instar Asset Management Inc.

Instar Asset Management is an independent alternative asset management firm focused on North American middle-market opportunities in the infrastructure sector and other alternative real asset categories. Instar’s growing footprint spans North America with a diversified portfolio of companies that deliver essential infrastructure services and value to communities, partners and investors, helping us to fulfil our purpose of enriching people’s lives. Visit https://www.InstarInvest.com.

ESG Vision & Commitments

LS Networks is pursuing the enhancement of telecommunications services through its service, relationships, and results. We measure our environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance and commit to continuous improvement and consideration of these initiatives in all company decisions.

Our Environmental Commitment
We focus on responsible resource allocation and construction activities by leveraging resources to their highest and best use, prioritizing efficient construction and design practices. We contribute to the global effort to reduce our emissions through the deployment of long-term, sustainable products in a diverse geography. This practice enables access to high-speed fiber services that empower communities to reduce their own environmental footprint caused by commuting and travel requirements.

Our Social Commitment
We focus on enriching the lives of our employees and in the communities we serve by investing in our employees’ professional development and well being, hiring employees and vendors in local markets, and supporting causes and organizations that matter to the communities we serve. Our actions promote engagement, creativity, and personal responsibility in our workforce, and a sense of trust and commitment in our vendor and customer relationships. We respect and champion our stakeholders and the communities in which we operate.

Our Governance Commitment
LS Networks is transparent, collaborative and aligned with our stakeholders. We foster a culture of trust, cross-departmental collaboration, and accountability. Each supported by meaningful Board oversight, integrative strategies, and inclusive development of policies and processes. We embed ESG factors in all our decisions.

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