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Your building is already equipped for LS Networks’ Fiber Internet! We want to provide your business with all of the network connectivity and powerful productivity tools your business will ever need to compete, grow, and thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. Let’s talk about fiber internet, hosted voice, or scalable applications that work for the way you do business. Let’s grow together at light speed!

Out network solutions team stands ready to help. For immediate answers to your questions, please call: 541-508-5450

Dedicated Fiber Optic Broadband for Business

You may be surprised to learn that Oregon-based LS Networks owns and operates the largest, most robust fiber optic network in the Pacific Northwest. For over 15 years, we’ve provided massive bandwidth to national and international carriers, regional ISPs, data centers, governments, healthcare organizations and educational institutions. Now, we’ve expanded our network to provide true ONE GIG (scalable to TEN GIG), affordable and reliable Internet for businesses like yours. Right now, we’re on your street and ready to meet. We guarantee the powerful Internet we can provide TODAY is better than your current service.

Why Symmetrical Broadband Matters

Simply put, symmetrical broadband means equally fast upload and download speeds. LS Networks is unique in that every business connection we provide, from one gig up to ten gigs, provides equally fast upload and download speeds. Regardless of the size of your operation or the clients you serve, with true gig connectivity you’ll realize the increased efficiency, reliability and productivity you deserve. Ask our experts about true, SYMMETRICAL Internet and compare your current service with ours. The difference will be clear.

Eliminate Traditional Land Lines & Save 40% or More

The instant you’re connected to fiber, a whole world of possibilities opens. Immediately save 40% or more by eliminating the cost of your traditional fixed-lines by switching to LSN’s SIP Trunking. You’ll save by eliminating landlines, and you’ll save again, because all your local and long distance calling in the U.S. and Canada is FREE. Toll Free and international plans are available for those countries where you do business. You’ll retain all of the features of your current phone system, you won’t have to buy new equipment and you can add lines as you grow.

Move Up To Next Generation Hosted Phones

Your phone system may be an aging, depreciating asset. If that’s so, we can provide you with a powerful, hosted solution, the expense of which you can write-off as an operating expense. Our Yealink phones deliver crystal clear call quality, enterprise-level features, and work in the same familiar way as your current phones. We’ll set up your phones, connect them to the cloud, train your people, and add (or scale down) phones as needed. You’ll be liberated from owning hardware, and the door to a whole new world of communication potential will open.

Introducing AspenUCAspenUC-vert

Unified Communications is not a single tool or product, but a collection of solutions that allows all of your technology to work together, for real-time collaboration. It’s a multiplier that leverages the power of all your devices, and your investment in them. AspenUC integrates Mobile, Voice, Video Conferencing, IM, Email, Desktop and File Sharing, Team Activity Status and much more. The results are big wins in enhanced collaboration, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, productivity, and the bottom line.

Together, A New Kind of Telecom Company
Founded in Oregon, we serve business, government, healthcare, education and other enterprises in the Northwest with market-leading bandwidth and network connectivity that other carriers deploy only in major metropolitan areas. We’ve served the rural Northwest for over 15 years, and we continue to grow and evolve, continuously connecting new communities to superior broadband services and productivity tools. If you live and work in rural Oregon or Washington, let’s grow together.

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“LS Networks has been phenomenal. They are the only provider that came out and spoke with us face-to-face. Then, they came through with a tailored array of products, services and support that has positively changed they way we serve our community.”

— Denise Willms, Library Director at Port Orchard Library