K-12 & Higher Education


LS Networks provides flexible solutions to telecommunications needs in the education vertical. Schools and universities utilize varying applications and have an array of internet and video conferencing needs. LSN deploys a flexible access and Ethernet Layer-2 platform that allows for the transmission of all kinds of data streams. Internet services are applied where needed, or an institution can privately connect between locations. This simplicity in design is superior with regard to performance and allows the user controls over their traffic. 


Physical access solutions vary depending on a schools' needs and geography. Our Ethernet Over Copper access is an economical option for network deployments in metro areas. Fiber access is the most scalable of all physical access types, and LSN has abundant experience installing fiber across Oregon for school districts, ESD's, and higher education institutions. Bandwidth and product flexibility is available over each of these physical access types allowing your network to grow as needed. 


LSN prides itself on achieving cost effective network solutions for budget conscious school districts, as well as private and public colleges and universities across Oregon. The following is a small sample of institutions using our services: