Internet Service Providers

Regionwide Coverage

LSN's extensive footprint is ideal for connecting your local or regional ISP to the major upstreams and Internet exchange points throughout Oregon and Washington.


The LSN Internet architecture provides several high speed upstream connections to Tier 1 Global Service providers as well as multiple Gigabit+ connections to the region's largest peering POPs.  LSN engages in both public and private peering at the SIX (Seattle Internet Exchange) and the NWAX (Northwest Internet Exchange), connecting with more than 100 public peers.  LSN employs a carefully designed transit strategy leveraging diversely designed upstreams routing via Seattle, Portland, and south through Sacramento, CA providing a diverse, highly reliable service offering that eliminates nearly all shared-risk scenarios. 


LSN's state-of-the-art MPLS network gives customers options for Ethernet access from 2Mbps all the way to 10Gbps. TDM access is also available in some areas.



LSN's Program Distribution Network can make your triple-play strategy a success.  Delivering a successful triple-play solution is notoriously difficult. LSN's PDN offering lowers the hurdles for you, putting a comprehensive triple-play portfolio within your reach.