Technology is an elemental aspect of modern healthcare that offers industry professionals invaluable tools for providing the best care for their patients. With improved network interconnectivity, healthcare providers can schedule appointments with greater ease, more efficiently assess the long term needs of their patients, and communicate with other offices to facilitate coordinated care.
LSN has been serving hospitals and health care clinics in Oregon since 2006.  Our experience in this field has taught us that each organization is unique in its needs for infrastructure and connectivity.  We have deployed and operate metropolitan fiber networks, wide area networks spanning multiple counties, simple single-site internet access, and a multitude of hybrid solutions. All services are provisioned over our region-wide MPLS backbone. Let us take a look at your needs and design a network tailored to help your organization meet its technology goals.

Fragile Populations

The personal relationship between a doctor and their patients is key to good healthcare. Limited mobility and access to transportation can hinder many elderly and disabled patients from making a trip to the doctor. With easy to use technological solutions, doctors can maintain more constant contact with their patients, and better determine when an in-house appointment is necessary. In our continued effort to benefit rural Northwest communities, LSN is dedicated to aiding in the expansion of medical services to previously underserved populations via an improved telecommunications infrastructure. 

Think Collaboration

Coordinated Care enables physicians, specialists, nurses, home healthcare professionals, and medical administrative staff to efficiently communicate and collaborate for the best care of their patients. Our technological solutions can be implemented in all levels of patient care, from scheduling appointments, to securely accessing patient records, to providing more immediate responses to patient inquiries. Medical offices can be freed of the tedious paper chasing of the past with the right telecommunications infrastructure.


E-learning options, such as video tutorials, can provide clear, concise instructions for patients to ensure they and/or their caregivers have the information they need to address specific medical issues. In some instances, patients may be able to access physical therapy sessions "On Demand" to suit their schedule and reduce expenses. In other situations, patients and/or their families can join virtual support groups when traditional participation is hindered by limited mobility.

Certified USF Provider

LSN is a certified service provider with the Universal Service Administrative Company and we deliver “Eligible” services.  The Universal Service Fund was established to help schools, libraries, health care providers, and low income citizens gain access to affordable telecommunications. Recent legislative changes have created the Healthcare Connect Fund. Contact to find out more information and determine the eligibility of your organization.